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Creative Process In The Kingdom Of God

Creativity: creativity is driven by the desire to improve process. When you bring together the ideas that we are not previously connected who see the new ways of doing things you are thinking creatively.
Conviviality: (hospitality friendliness) this provide and analogy the creative process.
Hypothesis: (assumptions, theory, guess) to enable you develop a creative mind, learn to bypass your assumption and always believe that you can think and come up with a solution. Do not assume that what was right for yesterday is automatically right for today too. Be ready to adapt your attitude to suit different occasions. Free yourself from the experiences of the past and avoid taking the path of least resistance.
Imagination: (ming, eye, thoughts and head) this is the lifeblood of creativity. Use it to overcome your natural thinking patterns.
Receptive To Change
You need to be aware of how you usually respond to situations or issues. To establish your creativity you need to do the following:

  1. Do not feel anxious about making chabnges. If someone suggests a new way of doing something, you should brace it.
  2. Do not be judgmental towards other people.
  3. Do not always stick to routines. Instead, be flexible.
  4. Do not allow yourself to always get busy that you never make time to think creatively.
  5. Take not of how you usually react to certain scenarios, so that you can start to change the way you think.
  6. Look for things that usually abstract your creative impulses and bring them under subjection.
  7. In situations where you have a difficult relationship with a friend, do not pretend that there is no problem. Find an area of common interest between the two of you and build in it.

Recognizing The Problem

A good solution to the wrong problem only create more difficulties. In most cases we keep looking at the problem in general and failed to see the exact source of the problems generation. We need to specify the problems and then be able to ask some why questions that will lead us to land on the solution. For instance our church lack the money to send the Missionaries for church planting in Chawai and Gidan Waya.
A. Why? Because you are struggling you right now
B. Why? Who are struggling right now because we have so many domestic project that are working all at the same time.
C. Why? We are working on so many domestic project in our local assembly because we forget to remember the need for sending out a missionary.
D. Why? We forget to remember the need for sending out missionary to plan for it in the first place.
E. We did not plan for it because in the first place we have misplaced our priorities and values.
F. We misplaced our priorities and values because we failed to recognise the very mandate of the church, why did Jesus gave his disciples before ascending to Heaven.
G. Solution: we could stop over for good some of the other necessary domestic projects to give priority to what we are called to do, the calling that informed our existence on earth as a church.
Your ability to perceive an issue as a problem is an opportunity you have to create a chance to Solutions. Always make time to examine the real old of a problem, rather than assuming that you know what the issue is.
Your inability to perceive or identify any problem or see a door way to discover the supernatural, is an act of slavery. Anti-slavery is like a network failure, it can frustrate you when you least expect it. So, Be creative and effective.

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Ministerial Appointment

Jesus sees a potential and talented person and appoint that person to occupy a particular office according to that person’s zeal in his previous assignment as far as the person is born again – see (Eph. 4:11).
Jesus gives administrative gifts to people so that they can use it to edify the body of Christ, perfect the saints and make the Saint qualified and contagious for the work of the ministry. (Romans 12:7).
The ministry offices in the disciples live where activated after the Resurrection of Christ and empowered during the Pentecost as promised by Jesus Christ in the Book of Acts Chapter 1 Verse 8 to 2 (Acts 1:8;2, Eph. 4:8-11).
These five Ministries are appointed by Jesus Christ himself upon the individuals and established by the Holy Spirit. They cannot be filled through democratic process. In god there is no gender full stop in the invisible Kingdom All Angels are called sons of God like why is from the visible world all human are considered sons of God irrespective of sex, “.. there is neither male nor female for ye are all one in Christ Jesus” (Gal, 3:25).

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