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Creativity Thinking Can Help Us To Be Successful In Life

Most people have the attitudes of accepting things the way they come but those who use the Sixth Sense will see potential solution to every imbalanced predicament. When money is in the hands of a kingdom promoter it becomes useful.
The pastor who wants to establish his ministry may out of his Sixth Sense put it work by developing the idea of putting down his vision, mission, aims and objectives cores values etc. Imprint as well as putting some of his message on paper in form of handouts or books. This will help him in a raising money in a clean way and will also promote and immortalize his ministry.
Creators are the leaders of the world because they know why. Butt workouts as person who knows the how and will always have a job being at the mercy of creators..
Paul will throw away pride to make money to the tent making to avoid dependence on offering and contributions. And if it comes as in Philippines 4/16 to 19 fine but if it comes out ministry continues.
This will help you avoid nice placement of the original purpose of the church of Jesus Christ from preaching the kingdom gospel to wealth creation. A sixth sense preacher will not by Bury himself behind the pulpit like an electric Pole he would want to get closer to the people with some attractive demonstrations that keep the atmosphere lively yet educative and inspiring.
Everybody has the potentiality of Sixth Sense in him. Whatever you are today is your decision and actions of yesterday. Your tomorrow stuff says can only be determined by decision and actions today.
We all have the ability to be creative but this man said is better developed in some than in others. Remain open-minded connect the unconnected generate new Solutions two challenges old ideas and always ask questions. Challenges at the backbone of Champions.
We are brought up and conditioned to believe that certain behaviours and thought are right and others are wrong. This conditioning constraints our thinking and prevent us from Finding answers or unlocked your creativity.
Empower yourself question your ways of doing things with the help of the Holy Spirit In You. The person who is able to work outside the bounds of his experience and seek new solutions to the problem will be more successful in the long run.


Change Mentality

Most people prefer not to ask for an explanation about an issue which they do not understand for fear of looking stupid. Because they are conditioned not to think of the unthinkable.
Avoid accepting procedures as they have always been that way. Design ways of doing things differently and always aim to increase your effectiveness and that of your establishment. Conditioning forces you to think in a prescribed way and limit your potentiality.
Identify certain things that you would like to change think of the change you would like and identify what is holding you back. Decide what action you could take and then take it. It is often said in the computer World “if you want to challenge the result change the program”.

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