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Golden Pothos Vs Hawaiian Pothos – Differences Among Them

Are you looking for Golden Pothos Vs Hawaiian Pothos Differences? we have arranged a well-researched guide that shows the differences and the similarities among them.

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Golden Pothos and Hawaiian Pothos appear very similar. If you try to differentiate between the two species, it’s easy to get confused.

That’s why it’s important to be aware of these two kinds of pothos when you plant them together.

The primary difference in appearance among golden as well as Hawaiian pothos is in the color of the leaves and the stems. Golden Pothos, on the contrary, has a more vibrant and vibrant yellow hue. Hawaiian pothos is, however, is a plant that has a variety of colors with dark green, yellow with white streaks. Although Golden Pothos prefer low light, Hawaiian Pothos prefer medium to bright light.

Difference Between Golden Pothos Vs Hawaiian Pothos

Golden Pothos Vs Hawaiian Pothos (Differences and Similarities) – Garden For Indoor

It’s hard to discern the distinction between these two kinds of pothos a first glance. The main difference that is noticeable between them is the color or variation.

This article will explain the distinct features of each to help you learn more about them.

Golden Pothos Develop Yellow Vines

If there is enough sunlight If given enough light, all Goldens can develop yellow vines. The photo in this post is located right in front of a growing panel. My vines are variegated.

Hawaiian Pothos, on the contrary, typically grows green stems when all the conditions for growth are fulfilled. If you’re not sure of the difference between golden pothos and Hawaiian pothos then take a look at the picture below.

The color of the stem: Hawaiian Pothos is the one with a green stem. golden pothos is yellow.

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Golden Pothos get Fenestrations

Golden pothos or Epipremnum aureum on white table in the living room home and garden

You may be wondering what is fenestration? Plants such as golden pothos and monstera, native to tropical forests with dense vegetation have leaves that are split so that sunlight can be able to penetrate lower leaves.

You can observe in the photo above the golden pothos in my garden are currently being Fenestrated. The leaves break with age in their natural habitats which allows sunlight and rain to reach the roots while they grow through the forest.

This might not happen often to your golden pothos but if the weather is favorable, you might be lucky to own one. Hawaiian pothos does not possess this type of fenestrations.

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Foliage Color: Golden Pothos Vs Hawaiian Pothos

Golden Pothos

Hawaiian Pothos and Golden Pothos are almost identical, except for the color of their variation. Leaves of Golden Pothos have dark green white, yellow, and dark streaks, however, they’re lighter yellow.

Hawaiian Pothos

It is a multi-coloured colour with dark green, yellow as well as white streaks.

It doesn’t undergo the autumnal change of color like most other plants. The color stays, however, its intensity changes depending on the amount of sunlight it receives.

Similarities Between Golden Pothos Vs Hawaiian Pothos

Golden Pothos Vs Hawaiian Pothos

Hawaiian Pothos is the cultivar of golden pothos, and it’s not a surprise to find out that they have similar characteristics and qualities.

The following article will provide what we know about both varieties of pothos.

  • Taxonomy

The scientific name used for the family of pothos the scientific name is Epipremnum aureum. Golden Pothos, as well as Hawaiian Pothos, belong to the same species.

Their availability is greater in tropical regions as they are also referred to by the name of tropical vines.

  • Sheath

The philodendron plant has this cataphyll, which is a thin, waxy, and opaque sheath that covers the new leaves. However, sheaths found in the leaves of pothos are not present.

New pothos leaves develop on their own, by unfolding lighter green leaves that grow out of the leaves currently in use.

  • Growth Habit

Pothos of all kinds is vining with trailing patterns. It typically grows between 6 and 10 feet. However, pothos in their natural habitat can range from 30-to-50 feet.

There is huge pothos in the forest, and they may trail along the higher tree trunks.

  • Height and Structure

The arrangement of the pothos leaves is alternating. There is only one leaf per node, but it develops in an upward spiral.

Pothos has a basic leaf with an average blade length of 4-8 inches 8 to 12 inches, 12-18 inches in addition to 18-36 inches.

In terms of the height of pothos, it is dependent on the structure that supports them. The more extensive its structure is, the more it can travel towards the highest point.

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However, pothos can spread indefinitely whenever there is an area where the leaves can grow.

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It’s growing fast, so having the proper size structure that is based on your needs is vital.

  • Propagating Golden Pothos Vs Hawaiian Pothos

Pothos, regardless of the type, is easy to grow. It can be multiplied by cuttings, then give them to your friends and family.

If not, you could make your pothos section inside your house to take pleasure in their lush and trailing look.

Additionally, they can be propagated through water or soil. For starters, locate an established vine that’s about 4-6 inches long and has three leaves. Then, create a stem cut above that root point.

If you would like to grow this in the water environment, you need to prepare the water bottle, then fill it with water. Set the cutting on the bottle, and let the ends sink into the water.

If you’d like to plant it in the soil, place the cuttings in a tiny pot filled with the potting soil.

  • Growing Requirements

When discussing the tips for care needed to care for Golden Pothos or Hawaiian pothos, you do not have to think twice because they belong to the umbrella belonging to Epipremnum aureum.

The only different thing is that Hawaiian requires the preservation of its color, which is what makes it distinct from other varieties of pothos.

Temperature Golden Pothos and Hawaiian Pothos have the same temperature specifications. The ideal temperature for the growth of Pothos lies between 65degF to 85degF (18degC 29degC – 18degC).

The light: As you base on the culture of pothos, they thrive in a light shade that can receive just the right amount of light.

When it concerns Hawaiian pothos, you have to position them in a medium or more intense light source to ensure their variety. Be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight to safeguard its leaves.

Soil Requirements: Based on the work conducted by Edward F. Gilman from the University of Florida, pothos soil tolerances are somewhat alkaline clay, sand acidic, sometimes wet, and loam.

Pothos care is very popular with beginners because it can be found in different kinds of soil.

But, remember that this research is referring to the soil type in which it can be cultivated, not the place it will strive.

Pothos plants are not happy to be in moist soil. This is the reason why you should ensure that the soil drains well.

If the soil of your area is clay-like, you could add more coco coir, coco perlite, and sand to enhance the drainage of your plant.

Pot Requirements: Whether you would like to place the pothos in an encased basket or an ordinary pot, the decision is yours to make.

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If you love the idea of the leaves dangling out of the container, hanging it from your ceiling could be an excellent idea. However, you could make use of an ordinary pot and add a moss rod to the centre.

If you are looking to purchase a pot, make sure that there are enough holes to allow for drainage. If not, the root will be rotting during the process.

Water RequirementPothos isn’t like other kinds of plants in that it requires regular irrigation. The most effective way to water it is to stick your finger inside the upper two inches of soil to check whether it’s dry.

The topsoil to dry before watering will prevent root rot and ensure that the soil remains wet.

Dryness too much isn’t suitable for pothos. In this case, the leaves could begin to die or become brown.

FertilizerYou could apply a well-balanced fertilizer for your houseplants monthly or bi-monthly, to ensure you’re feeding sufficient nutrients to your potter’s soil.

However, you don’t need to make use of a fertilizer that is heavy since pothos isn’t an extremely heavy feeder.

Final Words

The distinction between two kinds of plants from the same family may be fascinating and challenging at the same.

However, understanding the different kinds of plants and their needs for growth can be a satisfying experience. These are the three main aspects, to sum up, the entire article:

  • Hawaiian Pothos is a cultivar of Golden Pothos due to selective breeding. Its look is evident through the yellow speckles. Its stem’s hue is yellow, and the leaves get larger as time passes.
  • Although both pothos varieties have the same needs for growth, Hawaiian pothos needs high or moderate lighting. It is so that it can maintain its bright yellow color without damaging or drying the plant.
  • The process of propagating Hawaiian Pothos and Golden Pothos is the same. With cuttings, you can increase the number of pothos plants in your home. They can be propagated by water or soil.

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