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Philodendron Majestic Care (Proven Step By Step Ultimate Guide In2023)

Philodendron Majestic can be described as a stunning hybrid of Philodendron sodiroi and Philodendron verrucosum. It is famous for having the finest characteristics of both of its parents that is the sparkling and glaucous silver leaf of Philodendron sodiroi as well as the massive bright leaves, with an underside that is red from Philodendron verrucosum.

This hybrid has won all praise and has earned the reputation of being one of the best home plants.

They are simple to grow and maintain as their big and beautiful leaves create a great decoration for your house.

Philodendron Majestic Care

A good water-retention pots Bright and indirect sunlight, temperatures that fall within 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit (21-32 degrees Celsius) along with high moisture are keys to the emergence of impressive Philodendron Majestic’s foliage.¬†Do not fertilize too often as the plant’s more susceptible to an infestation of mealybugs.

Soil Mixture

Philodendron Majestic likes moist, organic-rich and well-drained soil.

It is possible to use loose potting soil for this plant. It is capable of retaining water and will not make your soil dry too quickly. Make sure your soil is watered well constantly.

Drain and flush your soil regularly using water to prevent the accumulation of salts that are added to the soil when watering the plant.

They aren’t required by the plant and result in the leaves to yellow.

A little Peat Moss or any other similar compost that is organic compost will help to increase the development of your plant.

Philodendron Majestic Watering

Philodendron Majestic requires consistently moist soil to ensure their growth.

It is important to keep an eye on the soil’s water level and ensure that you water it when the soil begins to feel somewhat dry.¬†Make sure that you don’t over an inch the soil get dry.

Be careful not to overwater the plant. If the soil is drained and the beautiful leaves of Philodendron begin to fade and the stem and root also begin to decay.

To resolve this issue remove the excess water from your pot using holes in the drain holes in the bottom of the pot. Also, be sure to not give your plant water over the next few days if the soil appears damp.

Variable temperatures and humidity can affect the amount of the plant needs to drink.

Use plant tools or your touch regularly to figure out the amount of water your plant might require instead of following a strict timetable for watering.

Light Requirements

Similar to most house plants, the perfect environment in which the Philodendron Majestic thrives is indirect and bright sunlight.

Put your Philodendron next to a window facing west where it will receive plenty of sunlight without sunbeams directly hitting the leaves of the plant.

Philodendron can be described as a climber and it is growing according to the direction of light.

They can thrive in low to moderate light conditions, however, the plant is fragile and needs support from a mechanical source to ensure the growth of its leaves.

Be sure to not put your plant in sunlight as it could cause the leaves to burn, which can cause the leaves to turn yellow and then die.


It is the Philodendron Majestic is a tropical plant that thrives during moderately hot to humid environments.

The ideal conditions for the plant are 70-90¬į Fahrenheit, however, it can be able to survive temperatures during the day of as low as 55¬į Fahrenheit.

A temperature that is below this point is not advised if would like to have an enlightened Philodendron Majestic, as it will not tolerate temperatures below freezing even a tiny frost can cause the plant to die.


As we have mentioned earlier the Philodendron Majestic is a tropical plant that is a fan of extremely humid conditions (humidity over 60 per cent).

They can be able to withstand relatively dry conditions (humidity as high as 40 per cent) however, you should do a few steps to increase the humidity level if you’re growing your plant in a greenhouse.

Regularly misting and spraying your plants and their surroundings by using humidifiers to keep your plant from drying things like radiators, air conditioners, and avoiding using clay pots are just a few ways you can use to help your plant achieve its ideal conditions for growth.

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Philodendron Majestic Fertilizer

Philodendron Majestic is an indoor plant that is generally unfriendly to the cold but thrives in warmer temperatures.

Their growth slows down in the fall and winter seasons, which is why it is advised to feed your plant during the period of increased growth.

They require regular feeding every month throughout the summer and spring seasons. This is done with the right liquid fertilizer.

Be sure that the fertilizer isn’t containing¬†excessive amounts of nitrogen because it could cause the burning of leaf tissue and draw in pests such as¬†mealybugs.

The typical size of the leaves for Philodendron Majestic is about 8 inches. Imagine that the leaves begin decreasing in size over time. this.

If that is the scenario, your plant may be lacking in nutrients, particularly magnesium and calcium. These are the two most important nutrients needed for The Philodendron Majestic.

Philodendron Majestic Propagation

Philodendron Majestic is among the easiest plants to propagate. just a small portion of the plant is sufficient to produce a full-sized Philodendron Majestic in full splendor.

Its stem contains nodes that are arranged in intervals of time. New growth and leaves emerge out of these nodes.

If you’d like to reproduce this Philodendron Majestic, just cut the stem at the base of each node and place each one in pots that are filled with good potting mix.

Small or medium-sized pots are adequate for the growth of healthy plants as Philodendron Majestic prefers small and tight spaces for the development of their root systems.

Make sure to water the cuttings well so that the soil is thoroughly moistened Then, place the pot in direct sunlight. Make sure the plant is receiving the perfect temperatures and humidity levels it requires.

New growths will emerge from the cuttings in about 4 to 5 weeks. This is the time when the plant will have developed small roots, and it is when repotting is feasible.

If you’re looking to cultivate your Philodendron Majestic outdoors, shift the plant to this stage.¬†The new plant will require regular feeding and careful maintenance until it is at maturation.

Blooming and Blooming

Philodendron Majestics aren’t well-known for their flowers or blossoms.

They are part of a distinct species of plant that has beautiful leaves that are more attractive than the majority of flowers in the world.

Philodendron Majestic Pruning

Philodendron Majestic is a climber and requires frequent pruning and cutting to ensure that the rest of the plant is healthy.

The plant displays positive phototropism. The portion of the plant that fails to receive enough sunlight is fragile and sagging and the leaves of this area turn brown and shrivelled and eventually die.

Regular trimming and pruning of these stalks clean your plant and facilitates the sprouting of new leaflets to the space left by the older and yellowing leaves.

To cut Your Philodendron Majestic you can use sharp scissors or shears.

Before you begin, ensure that you clean your equipment to stop the spread and growth of diseases caused by insects and bacteria.

The tools used in gardening may be sterilized simply by heating the tools in water for a certain period if they’re made from stainless steel, or cleaning them using regular ruby alcohol is enough to sterilize the tools.

Tips to Maintain Philodendron’s Majestic Free of Problems

  • Be aware of how much water you are giving your plant since it needs to be in the best condition possible and anything less or more than this could hamper the growth of your plant.
  • It is important to ensure that you don’t overwater your plants to keep the soil moist as this could cause root decay.
  • Ceramic pots made of clay and clay are recognized for their ability to absorb water.¬†It is suggested that you choose a pot made of plastic with tiny holes in the bottom to drain water instead of one made of earthy substances that take up most of the soil’s water.¬†If you’re employing clay-based pots the plant will begin to dry faster therefore, make sure to water your plant with care when it starts drying up.
  • Be extra careful with your plants during winter because that’s the time when your plant is farthest from the ideal conditions for growth.
  • Since Philodendron Majestic is a vine It is possible to place one of the stalks in the centre of your pot and the plant will grow around it and get good assistance from.¬†The result is that the plant is strong and healthy.

Common Issues that are caused by Philodendron Majestic

The most frequent issues the plant may face is the yellowing and the browning of leaves. It could indicate that your plant is under stress, which can result from a variety of reasons.

Check if your plant is getting the right conditions.


Overwatering or underwatering can be the cause of the leaves on your plant changing colour to yellow.

The excessive watering of the plant can cause root rot, which affects the capacity of your Philodendron Majestic to take in water. The blocked water causes it to be difficult for your plant to take in oxygen.

However, If the plant’s getting lower amounts of water than they need then the leaves will turn coloured and then fall off.

Philodendron Majestic is very particular regarding its water. Therefore, alter the amount of moisture in your soil accordingly.


Calcium and magnesium are the most essential nutrients required for Philodendron Majestic. Deficiency in magnesium results in chlorosis.

Mix Epsom salt with water to make a gallon and gradually feed it to the plant to correct the issue.


While Philodendron Majestic can survive low lighting conditions for a short period If that period gets too long the plant will become stressed.

Stress can cause the leaves to turn yellow. It is recommended to change the location of your plant, and place it close to a window that receives a greater amount of light.

Do not place your Philodendron Majestic under direct sunlight because it could cause the leaves to become burned.

Pests and Diseases

Mealybugs as well as Aphids

Mealybugs and Aphids are soft, small pests that are often found feeding on plants in warmer, tropical climates.

They target your plant by preying upon the nutrients it has and sucking away the sap from your plant until it turns dead.

Mealybugs love plants with high concentrations of nitrogen Avoid fertilizing your plant.

The process of getting rid of the pests is fairly simple cleaning the leaves using ruby alcohol or applying a spray of cold water.¬†It’s enough to eliminate the pests.

Spider Mites

These little bugs can be very annoying because they are invisible to the naked eye. The problem is usually not noticed until the damage has occurred.

When the Philodendron Majestic is infected through Spider mites The leaves begin to show tiny spots, turn yellow, and eventually die.

Spider mites can be controlled through natural methods like applying neem oil to the leaves.

Neem oil can prevent the growth of spider mites and not harm the beneficial insects that are also present in the plants.

Commonly Asked Questions regarding Philodendron Majestic Maintenance of Plants

The Philodendron Majestic is placed in the ideal spot and has all conditions for growth, but the leaves continue to show yellow discolouration.¬†What’s the reason?

Make sure you know the quality of the water your plant is receiving.¬†Saltwater is not a favourite of the plant, and excessive salt builds up in the soil, leading to chlorosis.¬†If that doesn’t appear to be the cause The leaf leaves on Philodendron Majestic become yellow as part of the normal cycle after they get old.¬†Simply cut off the leaves to allow new leaves to sprout.

Conclusion On Philodendron Majestic Care

Its growth of Philodendron majestically as house plants is similar to having a tiny tropical forest within your home.

When you are aware of the demands of this plant, you’ll be capable of recognizing its desires and requirements through touching and observation by yourself. Taking care of it becomes easy.

It requires only minimal time and effort as well as the least experienced gardeners are capable of propagating it.

Your sweat, blood and tears are appreciated as each leaf of Philodendron Majestic unfurl to showcase its stunning beauty.

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