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Philodendron Pedatum Care And Tips – Ultimate Guide

Philodendron Pedatum Care: This is a beautiful plant you’ll love to grow indoors. Philodendron Pedatum has beautiful, firm leaves and lush green leaves. This fan-shaped plant is great for indoor gardening. It has a climbing habit, which makes it attractive.

This plant’s amazing feature is its ability to adapt to the environment and is very easy to maintain. Philodendron Pedatum can thrive indoors and can display a beautiful look and an exotic interior environment.

Philodendron podium has the best-purifying properties. This will be a great plant to grow. This beautiful plant can be grown for ornamental purposes with attractive baskets.

Philodendron Pedatum is guaranteed to please. You can simply buy this amazing plant at your local nursery and take in its stunning beauty.

This is a comprehensive guide to help you care for and grow Philodendron Pedatum in your garden.

Philodendron Pedatum Classification

Philodendron pedatum, Philodendron plant in the flower pot

Family: Araceae

Subfamily: Aroideae

Tribus: Philodendreae

Genus: Philodendron

Species: Philodendron Pedatum

What other names are there for Philodendron Pedatum?

  • Oakleaf Philodendron
  • Philodendron laciniatum
  • Philodendron quericifolium
  • Philodendron amazonicum
  • Philodendron laciniosum

A quick overview of the Philodendron Pedatum Plant

The table below provides a quick overview of plant care and its characteristics.

Features The properties of the plant
Origin of plant Brazil
Habitat for the plant Vine and herb
Category Climber, perennials, tropical
Life Cycle Perineal
Sunlight preferences Dappled shade
Water preferences Mesic
pH preferences A little acidic, but neutral
Leaves Evergreen (lush green foliage)
Resistance Can tolerate humidity
Toxicity Both animals and people are toxic
Propagation Air layering, seeds, and stem cuttings
Containers Extra drainage

What are Philodendron Pedatum’s distinctive features?

  1. Philodendron Peatum is an excellent climber. It can reach a maximum height of 3 metres indoors.
  2. With time, the leaves of Philodendron Peatum grow longer and more mature.
  3. You will love it growing in your garden because of its unique flower structure.
  4. Philodendron Pedatum is attractive because of its leaves. They have medium-to-dark green colours. They are also attractive because they can be dyed brown or maroon, which makes them even more appealing.
  5. Philodendron Pedatum can be susceptible to pests attack, and other diseases, if it is not given the right growing conditions.
  6. Crystals raphides, calcium oxalate and other toxic substances make the plant dangerous to humans and animals.
  7. These devices have an active removal of pollutants and an air purification function.
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What is the best way to care for Philodendron pedatum?

Philodendron pedatum, Philodendron plant in the flower pot

Philodendron Pedatum’s wonderful qualities are that they can be grown indoors or outdoors. You can make your plant happy by meeting its essential needs. You must recreate the natural environment of your plant.

These are the care instructions for your Philodendron Pedatum.

1. Fertilizing preferences:

These plants don’t require much fertilizer. They only need a few drops during the growing season. Spring or summer is the best time to fertilize your Philodendron Pedatum. These plants should not be fertilized in winter.

They are very fond of getting high-quality nitrogen fertilizer during their growing season. Failure to fertilize the plant in its growing season can hurt the plant’s health.

2. Preferences for humidity:

Philodendron Pedatum, a native of Brazil, loves to grow in a warm and humid climate.

These plants need 60% humidity to stay happy. You need to maintain a high humidity level.

Higher humidity will promote shiny, healthy foliage and healthier growth.

3. Potting preferences

A well-drained soil base with drainage holes is the best potting mix for Philodendron Pedatum.

Avoid compacting your soil as this can cause a slow growth rate. Peat perlite or peat vermiculite are the best ingredients for preparing the potting mix.

Pro tip:

To promote rapid growth, you can use 100% of the sphagnum moss. To keep your Philodendron Pedatum happy, you can also use rotten leaves or cotton fibres.

4. Repotting:

When Philodendron Pedatum’s roots start to emerge from the pot, it is the right time to repot them.

A larger pot is better for repotting. Repotting your plant is possible in spring and summer.

It is important to repot the plant in a larger pot and give it the best growing conditions.

5. Preferences for temperature

Your Philodendron Pedatum should be kept at 65 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature preferences of Philodendron Pedatum drop to 60° at night.

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6. Preferences for sunlight

Philodendron Pedatum prefers to grow in bright to medium light. Sometimes they also like to grow in dappled sunlight (8 to 10 hours). These leaves can become yellowed if they are exposed to too much sun.

The yellowish colour of older leaves is normal.

Although it can grow in low light conditions, the leaves can become leggy if they are exposed to too much light.

Pro tip:

Artificial light can be purchased if your plants are not getting enough sunlight. This will keep your plants happy. It will work wonders with a mixture of incandescent and fluorescent light.

7. Philodendron Pedatum WaterING

Philodendron Pedatum follows the general rule for all plants. You are to water your plant once the top inch is dry.

Philodendron Pedatum doesn’t like to grow in soggy or moist soil. Overwatering your plant can cause root rot and make it more susceptible to fungal attacks.

What does overwatering do to Philodendron Pedatum’s health?

Philodendron pedatum, Philodendron plant in the flower pot

Remember that overwatering your plants can cause your leaves to turn brown or yellow. Sometimes, Philodendron Pedatum leaves can become droopy.

Keep an eye on your plants and, if possible, recheck the watering schedule.

Pro tip:

Use rainwater or filtered water to water your Philodendron Pedatum. This will make it grow beautifully. Follow up on this tip and you’ll be grateful later!

Philodendron Pedatum propagation

It is easy to propagate Philodendron Pedatum. You can also use any method that you prefer.

Seed propagation:

  1. Seed propagation is a slow method of propagating plants, but it can be done.
  2. First, place the seed 1/3 inch below the soil. Cover the pot and let the soil dry.
  3. Do not soak the seeks in the sand before putting them in the sand.
  4. Your seeds will begin to grow in 2-8 weeks if you give your pot the right conditions.

Stem cutting:

  1. First, remove the stem from the parent Philodendron Pedatum. 
  2. Reduce the stem to 3 inches below the joint.
  3. Place the stem in a container filled with soil or water.
  4. Then, let the pot or jar dry in medium light for a while and allow it to grow.
  5. To prevent root rot and overwatering, you should choose a pot that has a drainage hole at its bottom.
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What are the most common problems Philodendron Pedatum faces?

If you don’t provide the right conditions for your plant to grow, it can cause a difficult environment.

1. Curling Philodendron Pedatum leaves

When the plant doesn’t get enough water, it is the main reason your Philodendron Pedatum leaves to curl. Your leaves can turn brown from lack of water and curl.


Do not panic if you have this problem. Just water your plant regularly and it will regain its natural beauty.

2. Philodendrons Pedatum yellow leaves

Overwatering and direct sunlight are the main causes of Philodendron Pedatum turning yellow.


You should water it when the soil is dry to the touch. Do not place the plant in direct sunlight.

Conlusion On Philodendron Pedatum Care

Philodendron peated, an exotic household plant, is something you’ll love to have at home. You will love it and never regret having it in your garden.

You just need to provide the right conditions for the plant and allow it to bloom. It will make a dramatic entrance to your garden, I promise.

Philodendron peatum thrives in warm, humid environments. It will also benefit your health by eliminating toxic chemicals from the atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions About Philodendron Peatum

Philodendron pedatum, Philodendron plant in the flower pot

Is Philodendron Pedatum toxic?

Crystals raphides, calcium oxalate and other toxic substances make the plant dangerous to humans and animals. You need to be vigilant about your children and pets.

Care for philodendron podatum

All you have to do is mimic the Brazilian environment in your area. This involves the creation of a warm and humid environment where your plant gets enough indirect light.

How do you propagate Philodendron Pedatum.

There are three main methods you can use to propagate your pedatum: stem cuttings; seeds; and air layering. Stem cuttings are the most efficient and convenient method.

Where can I buy Philodendron Pedatum

The Philodendron Pedatum can be purchased on Amazon or Etsy. You can check it to verify the price and see if it’s still available.

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