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The Five fold Offices

Apostleship: the apostleship office is the foremost in the Church of Christ. An apostille is not an appointed by the men but by Christ himself and empowered by the Holy Spirit. An apostle is a Messenger who’s relevant is the content he is carrying he is the one with a delegated power or authority.
An apostle is a divine delegate send to the people to represent the Trinity in the invisible Kingdom of Heaven. An apostle is one who have power or authority and anointing of the Holy Spirit.
The original 12 disciples were called apostles in Matthew 10:2. There are others who are also called Apostles like Paul in Romans 1:1 Barnabas in Acts 14 verse 2 , And tonics and Julian in Romans 16:7, Apolos in 1Cor. 4:6-9, Silas in 1st Thes. 2:6.

The Prophetic Office:

The office of the Prophet was one of the divine guide in the Old Testament. The prophet is called of God and set Apart by God. The act of appointing a prophet is strictly God’s responsibility and strictly outside man’s jurisdiction.
The profit is also called seer, 1st Samuel 9:9. Seer in Hebrew is ‘RA’AH’, which means “to see or to passive about” 
Prophets are dramatic in their foretelling of what will come to pass. They have no earthly means of knowing what the foretell. Examples of prophet are: Elijah, Elisha, Nathan , Habakkuk, Nahum, Joel, Jeremiah e.t.c.
From Jeremiah to Malachi, there are 15 prophet who recorded their prophecies and the things the right to come to pass.
Note:  there are also groups of prophet who prophesied in group according to numbers 11:25 and Samuel 5:10 and also second Kings chapter 2 verse 2 to 3.
Sometimes prophecy is directed to an entire nation. A prophecy can be for one person, for a nation, or for the whole world.
Women are not left out in this Office. Right from the Old Testament up till the New Testament women are not rejected left out example Miriam in exodus 15:20, Deborah in Judges 4:4, Hulder in 2nd Kings 22:24; 2nd Chron 34:22-23, Isaiah’s wife in Isaiah 8:3, Anna in Luke 2:36-38 etc. There are others who operated not in the Bible days or those who function or played a very vital role in the life of the church their list is endless so women are important in the Kingdom business.

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The Evangelist Office

The Evangelist is a proclaimer of the gospel. Is simply princess the love and forgiveness of God and salvation that is available to all through Jesus Christ. The Evangelist is the key labourer when it comes to harvesting Matthew 9:37-38. Evangelism have to wait for someone to give him a place to preach the church is not the evangelist place of work.
Evangelist are known for steering revivals. They are not stationed they are always on the move in search of a place of assignment guided and directed by the Holy Spirit.

The Pastor’s Office

The pastor is the Shepherd is primary ministry is to feed the flock with knowledge and understanding. To feed the souls of all who come by the  Spirit of God.
The Greek word ‘Poimen’ occurs seventeen times, only one time is it translated. The other 16 times is translated Shepherd therefore the pastor is a shepherd of his flock which Jesus is the chief.
Those who are called to be pastors can remain no matter the challenging circumstance. But those who are not will disappear when matter becomes matter.

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The Teachers Office

The teacher has the Grace and special anointing of opening people’s understanding of God’s word. Some of these Bible teachers may not have formal education if you ask them questions about philosophy of some other subjects there are loss, but when it comes to Bible they will amaze you with their knowledge and understanding as the give an exposition on the word of God.
They are anointed to teach the word of god. On the other hand you may need a learned professor who cannot understand a single page in the whole Bible.
All the Education in the world will not make it either of the word. A teacher is a person who has been set in the body of Christ by God for one specific purpose to teach the world based on the word of God a teacher is also someone who integrate knowledge wisdom and understanding into the learners learning theory..

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