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The Laws Of Justice And Mercy – The relevance of an old saying, “The warnings and commandments point to God’s concern for the weak and helpless slaves, judiciary is the hope of the common

man” was the subject of discussion orphans, widows and foreigners).
The society we live in is characterised by
between two men (a politician and a
newspaper vendor). While the vendor argued all kinds of vices.


Little or no attention is given there is high level of to God’s commandments and warning with instances oppression, oppression, corruption and perversion of warning against bribery, unfairness, favouritism justice in Nigeria, the politician simply etc.

The poor , widows and orphans are presented his case with emphasis on
and cheated. Unfortunately, they exceptional cases. cannot go to court because they do not have The God set out law and standards for His where withal to engage the service of a legal people.


These laws are to govern their practitioner. Even those who do so do relationship with Him and their fellow fair judgment. Judges are blinded by financial humankind. In Exodus chapter 23, the laws gains, popularity and possibly the authority consist of His warning against the perversion of they have while in power.

Today’s lesson justice, the rightful celebration of the Sabbath emphasises God’s standard of fairness and the three annual festivals including His justice among His people, Israel and by promise of victory over their enemies. The extension, all Christians.


God’s Command to Practise Justice
Exodus 23:1-9. God did not leave the Israelites unguided right from the time they left the land of Egypt.

In Exodus Chapter 20, He gave the Ten Commandments to them through Moses so that their relationship with Him and with one another will be cordial. The first few verses of chapters 23 states clearly the commands which are in form of warnings and encouragement and how they should be practised. God said:

  • Do not spread false reports or give false witness to favour a guilty person Do not follow the majority in doing wrong or in their attempt to give evidence that could divert justice.
  • Do not show favouritism against a poor person in a lawsuit.
  • Practise good works when you see your enemy’s animal straying, be sure to return it to it’s owner, instead of just walking away.
  • Do not deny a poor person justice during a lawsuit.
  • Do not bear false accusation against anyone, thereby putting the innocent person to death.
  • God promised to condemn anyone who does such wicked thing to his fellow human.
  • Do not accept bribe because it blinds and twists the words of the righteous.
  • Do not oppress a foreigner After all, they know how it hurts because they were once foreigners in Egypt And how they were oppressed by their slave masters.

Indeed, these rules listed above are laws of justice and mercy, which God expected the people of Israel to practice, especially in their relationship with one another. apparently the laws stated above are examples of ways the ninth commandment can be violated.

God stressed the importance of fairness and charitable treatment to the vulnerable among them. In Matthew 5:44, Jesus teaches that we should practise justice and show mercy by loving our enemies and praying for those who persecute us. Unfortunately, today, some people conspire to treat others unjustly. They oppress the vulnerable and deny them justice in the law court. Even some Christians give and accept bribe, despite the consequences.

More importantly, saelites were expected to deal justly with those who were not descendants of Abraham but among them the aliens). Although it is a hard teaching but believers, especially those who use persecution, should endeavour to obey God and practise sacrificial love towards everyone, even their enemies. This is one of the ways to prove that we are Jesus disciples.

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